Background and Skin Colors
  • I'm having trouble with my background and skins color, as well as how the website looks. I wanted setup my website to look like the demo, and to use a blue skin and background, which I thought was a default setting. But my website only shows a white skin and background, with a grayish top boarder. My pages also look distorted.

    I'm new to setting up websites, so what am I missing? Is there a fix to this? My website is
  • please pm me the login info and I will set it up for you.

    Kind Regards
  • Chang,

    Did you receive my pm with the login info? I sent it on the 3rd. If so, can you give me an expected time when it will be fixed? I need to start working on it.

  • Hello Ergii,

    I just fixed the problem on your site. The css now works perfectly. However, the root cause of this issue is file permissions as set on your server. To completely diagnose the problem, I will need to have more access to your hosting. Where I can manually go in and edit the file permissions.

    Kind Regards

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