Home Page shows twice in navigation
  • I have searched for the resolution to this, but I can't find the answer. For some reason the "Home" page is showing twice in my sites navigation. The test site for development is www.envirotechmarine.com. Any help would be greatly appreciated! GREAT theme by the way, I'm loving it.

    Thanks a lot!
  • I realized this is in the "wall" theme discussion. It is supposed to be in the "Current" theme discusttion.

    Looking forward to a reply!

  • Hi Roos,

    The Home page is appearing twice on your navigation bar because you might have assigned an internal page to be used as a home page, rather than the default widgeted front-page.

    In this case, you should use the WordPress's custom menu feature via Appearance > Menus. Create a new menu and set it to be used for the "Primary Navigation", You can add pages to this custom menu.

    Kind Regards
  • Thanks Chang!

    I will also try not assigning an internal page and using the default widgeted front page. That is what I wanted to do anyway. I guess I do that through the theme options?

    I will report my findings.

    Thanks again.
  • Hi,

    You do that from the WordPress Settings > Reading from the dashboard.

    Kind Regards
  • Thanks!!!!

    This worked Great!

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