Can't get the wall to display & can't download presets off this site
    I can't seem to get the wall to display and I followed the directions...

    Also, I can't download the preset files (black, orange, white...)
  • Hi,

    I just sorted the downloads issue. Please proceed with the downloads :)

    I am double checking the links in the documentation right now.

    In the meantime, you can PM me the link to your website and if you can also provide me temporary access info, I will go in and setup your website with any of the demo skins you want.

  • Thank you Chang! Got them downloaded. I managed to get the wall working, I'm finding out if I use certain categories it won't show the wall. If I choose a single category with only a few posts, that will work. I'm thinking of making a category called "FrontWall" and assign only certain posts to show up on it. If I run into any problems I'll let you know.
  • Yes please, do let me know if you face any issues. I am happy to help :)

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